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Email Marketing

Email marketing is permission-based direct marketing which is still considered one of the best working marketing tools for businesses. Therefore, it is essential to update customers with the ongoing sale, offers, product or service launches, and also why they should avail them. 

Email marketing services in India are the right option for businesses to boost sales and retain customer loyalty. Integral Media makes sure that this direct marketing strategy is used optimally. We curate the best email marketing strategies by using the right email marketing tools and ideas and strategically distributing them to the right audience through email. Each email directs the recipient to a specific call-to-action, i.e., getting them to sign up, continue reading, book a call, add a response, or add a product to their cart. 

Email campaigns are an integral part of inbound marketing, wherein marketers meet buyers at whatever stage of their journey. For example, not every client is ready to purchase at the immediate moment. Email marketing helps you customize your emails to meet buyers directly in their buying journey. You can stay top-of-mind by providing communication to their personal inbox. You can also do it at a scale with marketing automation software. Integral Media ensures that each email sent out offers something valuable to them instead of simply spamming the users with advertisements.

Why Email Marketing?

  • Cost-effective way of reaching the target audience
  • Good reporting tools
  • Allows split testing for maximizing results
  • Customized messages according to the buyer's journey

How does Email Marketing help?

  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Sending out newsletters
  • Driving signups for newsletters
  • Driving registrations for events
  • Helps you stay relevant
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