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Our talented pool of writers will take care of your content and curation needs. All you have to do is to let us know your topics and we take care of the rest.
Our videos are created to grasp and hold the attention of the users. Our team of experts have the secret recipe to make a viral.
Be it a website design, campaigns or infographics, we have the expertise to give you the best designs.
Picture this, over 1600 new images to choose from and an updated fountain of graphics everyday.
We have the largest distribution channel in varied media formats for your content.

We get about 1600 new pictures everyday from our award winning photojournalist. You get direct access to live pictures, an achieve of more than 6 million images of the events that shape the World. Our graphics service illustrate topics News events and issues – presenting information in an engaging visual format.


Corporate events generate a lot of valuable content which is often lost, not archived properly, not edited to extract maximum benefit. Every organization shoots the entire event but because of this it becomes impossible to create relevant slices and bits which are of interest to speakers and panelists. To address this lacuna we provide Event Coverage and create video and text which can be shared internally, with customers, on different Social Media and to other media agencies. Our team can shoot specific sections and edit to make it a shareable proposition which increases loyalty and share ability


Our design team expertise varies from designing a business website from scratch, crafting social media marketing campaigns to producing infographics for enhancing visual understanding.


We have more than 65 freelance journalists and writers in our networks across categories (like Technology, business and finance, politics, lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment, Food, Restaurants, Health, Beauty and Fashion). We provide content consultancy, custom content solutions to marketers, publishers and corporate communication teams. We specialize across the areas of creating digital content libraries, writing articles, corporate blogs, and independent blogs. Other services can include writing, drafting, research, video interviews, pod casts etc. and also managing the B2B websites of company on a daily basis.


With the distribution of global Reuters content, and tie-ups with Indian Express, India Today etc we have a daily flow of content available for syndication. Database of articles, interviews, opinion, photos and videos -licensed content for internal (relevant global updates for senior management, different set for Sales) and external distribution (website, customers, investors). For SME’s who do not yet have a robust site with constant content change we have where content relevant to the target audience of your brand is created by a dedicated set of creative marketing professionals. Our digital signage platform Vertika VMX allows you to create visually compelling channels that showcase content marketing, promotions & social media to a targeting audience.

Tailor made for you
When we mean a one-stop-shop for all content, we really mean it. Our talent pool of journalists can take your data and images and stitch it all for you into a great article. From PR interviews, company stories to website content, our subject matter journalists will deliver all and more.
We speak your language
We speak your language, yes we do. We have the in-house talent to get Reuters, India Today group and other publications translated to your native language and ready-to-use.
The best content from the trusted sources.
Clients who vouch for our content

Content marketing is defined as a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience.

As the focus is shifting from only customer acquisition to customer engagement, brands are required to connect with their customers through fresh and relevant content using social media, blogs, newsletters etc.

Here enters Integral Media to partner and address your requirements for content marketing, online marketing, social media strategy and also distributing your content to the desired target audience.

We have offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai allowing us to reach you and your customers easily and serve better.

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