Marketing for Startups

Marketing for Startups

With the growing number of competitors in the market, startups need to focus on marketing more than established organizations to get rolling and create a market presence in the shortest time possible. New startups must follow a unique, systematic, and engaging marketing strategy to drive results from their marketing efforts.

Marketing needs a holistic approach, including creating a brand identity and voice and communicating with prospects based on the stage of their buying life cycle. There must be two-way communication rather than a spray and pray approach.

Why Startups cannot neglect marketing:

Most of the startups originate to provide a solution to fill the gaps in the existing market. However, with the rising number of businesses and competition amongst each other, a startup must market its uniqueness and strengths. The product or service they offer is niche and requires extensive hard work for success. Before expecting to generate potential leads, the startup first needs to create awareness and build a brand image that generates curiosity and looks promising. Integral Media provides three types of comprehensive packages for startups, offering services to nurture the brand, bring out innovativeness, and boost its potential to grow exponentially in less time. 

Challenges of Startups:

  • Bootstrapped
  • Limited or no awareness
  • Neglecting marketing
  • Product or idea need to be established
  • Limited time to succeed otherwise risk of failure
  • Higher chances of failure
  • Might demotivate if no traction
  • Competition from similar existing product or service

How can startups get off the ground quickly?

  • Do a proper market segmentation
  • Select and start targeting small
  • Maximize the use of social media and online platforms
  • Allocate budget for online marketing
  • Communicate in easily understandable language
  • Review and change strategy


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