Digital marketing Planning & Strategy

Planning & Strategy

Ready to launch a product or service in the market?A thorough and step-by-step approach is followed to ensure that aright pitch is made to the right target audience. The messaging of each campaign and the assets has to speak the same language and should be engaging enough to drive outcome. Our team of experts work with organizations to understand their business objectives and the ROI that is expected from every marketing spend.

The following steps are involved:

  • Understanding business objectives
  • Laying down goals and metrics
  • Identifying the market potential
  • Defining the right target audience
  • Creating persona profiles with demography, interests and behavior
  • Go-To-Market strategy
  • Building marketing messages or the pitch
  • Creating marketing assets and content
  • Allocating budgets for execution and promotion
  • Analyse return on investment
  • Iterate and refine
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